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The Significance of Early Childhood Adversity


Author:  Clyde Hertzman, MD,MSc,FRCPC,FRSC,FCAHS


Article: The Significance of Early Childhood Adversity was published with  the permission of the PULSUS Group Inc

Report:  This report was published with the permission of The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

In November 2012, the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Society of Health Sciences released an expert panel report on early childhood development. This commentary addresses several key questions raised in their report along with their findings.

An Investigation of the Career Paths of Internationally Trained Childhood Educators Transitioning Into Early Learning Programs


Authors: University of Toronto, Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development


Report: This report was published with permission of the Atkinson Centre for Child Development

In the last decade there have been an increasing number of internationally trained educators seeking early childhood equivalency in Ontario (AECEO 2011). Despite a wide variety of education credentials and professional experience, like other immigrants, early childhood educators with international training are not recognized by employers for their knowledge and expertise. As a result, the ECE Bridging Program was developed to provide an opportunity to combine international education with relevant early childhood courses in Ontario that would lead to ECE credential equivalency.

Middle Childhood: Inside and Out


Author: UBC, Human Early Learning Project


Report: This report was published with permission of the United Way Lower Mainland

Evidence is mounting that middle childhood development is a more powerful predictor of adolescent adjustment and success than is early childhood development. Middle childhood is a time of great opportunity to optimize health and promote development.

Disability and Inclusion: Changing Attitudes-Changing Policy


Author:  Debra Mayer MA, Early Childhood Education Consultant, Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning Early Childhood Education Unit


Article: Disability and Inclusion - changing attitutdes-changing policy was published with  the permission of the Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives

As we move towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Canadian families continue to be stymied by the lack of a national early learning and care system, and policy makers continue to be confounded by the concept of a “rights based” rationale for children’s entitlement to early learning services separate from their parents employment status.

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