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Dr. Diane Kashin

Diane taught at both the degree and the diploma level for over 30 years and is the past president of the Association for Early Childhood Educators of Ontario.

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Monica Carruthers, RECE, ECRT, AECEO.C

Monica grew  up in the 1960’s in the let’s go outside to play era of raising kids. With a focus on outdoor her focus is on the connection of children, educators and families to nature and natural elements.
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Dr. Judith A. Colbert


Judy graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Ph.D. in English in 1978. In recent years, much of her work has centered on young immigrant and refugee settlement, including drafting legislation in Canada and the US and speaking internationally. She was also the editor of businesshealth magazine.

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Dr. Ingrid Crowthers

Ingrid Crowther earned her Doctor of Education in Early Childhood and the Middle years. Her background includes teaching in early childhood, elementary school, university and college programs.

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Jan Blaxall, M.A, RECE

Jan was a professor, teaching Early Childhood Education for 30 years and has served as a member of an Expert Panel on an Early Learning Framework, for Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  Full Bio...


Kathleen Moore

Living and working in different cultures has influenced her understanding of child development and daily teaching practice. Kathleen creates environments so that children can explore what speaks to them.

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Francis MacDougall

Frances MacDougall‘s experience as a registered nurse working on the burn unit, showed her that the majority of burn cases are cases completely preventable. Frances was inspired to create a resource program that would help parents, caregivers and educators prevent these traumatic childhood injuries.  Full Bio...