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​These topics are offered in webinar format. They have been previously recorded and are available for your learning at a time that is convenient to you.

WSEL 18 01

Relationships and Challenging Behaviour

Monica Carruthers  RECE, ECRT, AECEO.C 
1 ECE hour

Challenging behaviour is one of the most discussed issues in Early Learning and Child Care settings. In this webinar, we’ll explore some of the main causes of challenging behaviour and why we interpret some communication from young children as challenging. 

WLLL 17 01

Negotiating with Children

Dr, Ingrid Crowther

1 ECE hour

The ability to negotiate is a valuable and necessary life skill. Negotiation involves empathy and compromise and children who learn to negotiate acquire and learn the importance of these abilities.  


This webinar provides a framework for negotiating with children from infancy to school age. It explains how children at different ages think differently which influences the strategies that you use to build these skills from the foundation up. The process is an essential aspect of the transition from discipline to guidance and the support of social competence.

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