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FAQ's - Affiliate Program

For Consultants

Are these courses part of a recognized ECE program?

No, our courses are not eligible for academic credit. They are intended to support ECE professionals in meeting the provincial requirements for ongoing professional development / learning.

Are these course eligible as part of the Professional Development requirement in my province?

The learning modules in the Early Years Professional Development Centre  may be eligible for ECE hours. Please check with your provincial authority with respect to the ongoing requirement for maintaining or renewing your ECE License / registration.

What is the revenue sharing structure?

You earn royalties on your on-line learning modules as follows:


Earn revenue generated by course enrollments through your website


Earn revenue generated by course enrollments through

How do you select content for the library?

We actively seek material that is considered to be best practices, evidence based and relevant to all Early Childhood Education, child care and early years child care professionals. Material is sourced from Early Childhood Education and child care associations, universities, child care consultants, and other non-profit organizations. All content is vetted by our Advisory Panel.

Why are courses only $20?

The price of each learning module was set with the Early Childhood Educator in mind. As what is typically a minimum-wage profession, every dollar counts!

I do not have the time / resources to develop a course.

We do all the work and consult with you to ensure the integrity of your material is maintained.All we ask of you is to provide us with the course material - we do the rest.

Who owns my course when it is published?

We do not ask any of our authors or contributors to give up ownership of their material. We simply ask permission to publish it on-line.

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Workshops are an important source of revenue for me.

Factors such as geography, schedules and classroom capacity can often be a barrier to professional learning. On-line learning gives you the ability to offer your courses beyond the classroom!

How do I update my course?

As a contributing author, we rely on you to keep us informed of any material changes to the course content. Simply contact us to make any changes.

Can I use my learning module as a pre-requisite for my workshop/webinar?

Absolutely! Simply include your course link as part of the registration process,  (or send it by email) to those enrolled in your workshop.

How long is my course offered in the library?

We review the content in our library on an annual basis and update or renew our courses based on a variety of considerations.

How do I remove my course from your library?

You can withdraw your permission at any time. We ask that notice be given in writing 2 months in advance. This gives any Early Years Professionals who are currently enrolled an opportunity to complete the course.


Can I contribute more courses to your library?

We encourage contributors to submit additional content. Each course is reviewed by our Director, Program Development and may be subject to the approval of our Advisory Panel.

My course / workshop was not created with Early Years Professionals in mind.

Our Director, Program Development works with you to ensure the material speaks to the Early Years Professional while maintaining the integrity of your course / workshop. Our audience also includes school districts and social workers.

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