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Scary Pictures and Fuzzy Blankets: Understanding Traumatized Children in the Child Care Setting


Course Number: EMOT-14-01

Category: Emotional Well-Being

1 ECE Hour

Author:  Stephanie Rabenstein, PHD

Learning Continuum: Enhanced


Course Description

This module is designed for anyone who wants a better understanding of the response of young, typically defenseless children, to experiences of trauma, family violence, abuse and neglect. Experts explain that most often, adults who are caring for and educating children do not realize that the child has experienced trauma and do not recognize their symptoms or needs. This module will appeal to a variety of early years and family support professionals, given the nature

of the content.


Course Overview


1) Foreward

2) Lucy

3) Reflection

4) The Impact of Trauma

5) The Full Body Experience of Trauma

6) Re-Experiencing Symptoms

7) Reflection

8) Hyperarousal

9) Avoidance, Fears and Aggression

10) Prolonged Exposure to Trauma

11) Video: Trauma, Brain and Relationship: Helping Children Heal

12) What Caregivers / Educators Can Do

13) When Caring Hurts the Caregiver