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Supporting Self-Regulation in Infant and Toddlers

Course Number: SREG-14-02

Category: Self-Regulation and Guidance

1 ECE Hour

Author: Dominion Learning Institute

Learning Continuum: Foundation


Course Description

This module explores two of the five areas where young children need to develop self-regulation strategies as identified by Canadian expert, Dr. Stuart Shanker. Explore the skills and challenges for children in aspects of biological (temperament and physiology) and emotional regulation.


Course Overview


1) Introduction

2) Components of Self-Regulation

3) Influences on Early Self-regulation

4) Mirella and Robbie

5) Influences of Temperament

6) Supporting Co-Regulation

7) Video: Father Supporting Child Through Co-Regulation

8) Emotion Regulation

9) Dr. Tronick's Still Face Paradigm

10) Reflection: Co-Regulation in Infant / Toddler Programs

11) Emotional Availability and Co-Regulation

12) Language and Emotional Literacy

13) Roles of Emotional Regulation

14) Implementing Co-Regulation into Practice

15) Conclusion