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Meeting your Professional Development requirements....

As an early years professional it is important to have learning opportunities that offer you choices and flexibility available in a manner that works for you. The Early Years Professional Development Centre is an online resource designed to build upon and support the expertise of early childhood professionals and the services they provide.

Our material is sourced from some of Canada’s leading experts in childcare and includes best practices that are relevant and evidence-based. We offer modules for all stages of practice from novice to  leadership, including human resources, research to practice and policy links.

Learning Bundles

Our learning bundles  have been designed with specific themes in particular ares of practice.  These are available at a discounted price.

Supporting Children With Strong Emotional Needs

Self-Regulation: An Introduction

Scary Pictures and Fuzzy

Blankets: Understanding

Traumatized Children in the

Child Care Setting

Supportive Guidance For Challenging Behaviour

Intentional Learning Environments

In order to understand and work with young children, adults need to understand and respond to how children think and how they subsequently interact within their learning spaces. Learning environments and activities for young children are usually organized to encourage children’s active play. Often, however, a clear idea of what the intended learning within a learning space or activity is not defined. It is assumed that children will learn what they need to learn. This may happen, but as adults we also need to ensure that children gain the skills and abilities that lay the foundations of later learning.

Engaging Children in Authentic Learning


Gain greater insights into developing learning spaces that are based on authentic learning and assessment of children’s activities and learning.

Early Math Development


Create learning environments that support the development of math skills in children.