Canadian Child Care Pension Plan

Support your Early Years Professionals with the ability to make a sustainable career choice with a Defined Contribution Pension Plan.

When you participate in the Canadian Child Care Benefits Plan or the Canadian Child Care Retirement Plan a percentage of the proceeds goes to support your provincial child care association.

Canadian Child Care Pension Plan

  • Employer sets contribution level

  • Matches Employee contribution

  • Employee makes contribution to their account 

  • Flexible Contributions

  • Easy Enrollment & Payroll

  • Employee Retention




  • Enhanced Retirement Savings

  • Retirement Income

  • Portable

* Includes Professional Development

* Defined Contribution Pension Plan offered through Manulife FutureStep Program

*  Employer contributions are mandatory under a Defined Contribution Pension Plan

*  Employer contributions are not mandatory under a Deferred Profit Sharing Arrangement

* Guaranteed Retirement Income provided though Manulife Retirement Plus and Manulife

   Pension Builder

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