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Early Years PD Centre welcomes The Hanen Centre!

July 24, 2015

The Early Years Professional Development Centre is excited to announce our partnership with The Hanen Centre. We welcome their valuable contribution in support of Early Years Professionals. You will find several of their excellent e-seminars in the Early Years PD Centre and can access them at a preferred rate (40% off).

The Hanen Centre is one of Canada's leading non-profit organizations that specializes in supporting parents, early childhood educators and speech-language pathologists in their efforts to promote the best possible language, social and literacy skills in young children.

Early childhood educators play a critical role in capitalizing on each child’s window of opportunity to build early language and literacy skills. Since 1975, The Hanen Centre has specialized in supporting professionals who work with young children by giving them practical, research-based tools to promote language and literacy naturalistically. We offer a variety of guidebook and DVD resources, as well as online trainings specifically for early childhood professionals to help them create the enriched early learning environments that help young children learn best.


Visit the Hanen Book Nook!

The Hanen Centre created a cozy little space on their website to share fun literacy-building tips. Every other month, they choose a popular children’s book and talk about some simple ways parents and educators can use it to build emergent literacy skills ─ the critical foundations of learning to read and write.


 Go to the Book Nook


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