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Early Years Professional Development Centre


Foundation Level Modules

Modules at the Foundation Level will appeal those new to the field or new to a particular sector of the field, or those wishing to refresh or update their foundational knowledge of development, brain research and learning through relationships and play. Learners will have the opportunity to:


  • understand principles of development and learning derived from research and professional practice within Early Childhood Education.

  • consider ways to apply these principles to their own practice in working with children in the early years and their families

  • articulate their own personal philosophy of Early Childhood Education

  • develop their reflective practice skills to help them evaluate and develop their own practice

Enhanced Level Modules

Modules at the Enhanced Practice Level will appeal to those who have been practicing for several years, and are beginning to take on leadership within their own teams, with families and in collaboration with other professionals and members of the community. Learners will have the opportunity to:

  • understand and articulate principles of development and learning in relationship to research  and inter-professional expertise.

  • consider principles, concepts and issues related to supporting development and learning. 

  •  articulate principles of development and learning for families and less experienced colleagues

  • engage with theory and research evidence to inform and enhance their professional thinking

  • develop personal reflective practice skills enriched by ideas and experience from external sources

Leadership Level Modules

Modules in the Professional Education and Leadership level will appeal to those who are involved in pre-service or in-service professional education at colleges and universities and in inter-professional exchanges and collaborations.  Learners will have the opportunity to:

  •  understand key research, theories and ideas, from inside and outside early childhood education, and apply these to thinking about both practice and policy

  • engage critically with relevant concepts, principles, theories and international best practice 

  • articulate and apply research-based ideas and approaches in reflective practice and mentorship

  • reflect on practice and policy within one’s one programs and sector, including leadership, mentoring, developing staff and managing change

  • understand how to share this expertise of practice with members of a variety of professions in an inter-professional and collaborative effort

  • improve the quality of their practice and leadership to enhance the quality of their learners’ learning.

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