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Early Years Professional Development Centre

Quality of Early Learning and Child Care

Quality of experience for young children in early years settings is established at a number of points within the early years system of education, care and services, through the actions and attitudes of many different individuals within many layers. 


A quality early learning and child care system is supported by policy, legislation and regulations that recognize the child’s right to early education and the family’s need and desire for non-parental care and early learning opportunities. 


A quality early learning and child care system is offered universally to all children at a cost that is affordable. Any barriers to participation of children or families are addressed so that the opportunity is inclusive of all children and all families regardless of culture, language, ability, family background or socio-economic situation. 


A quality program is well-resourced financially and with well–educated and well-reimbursed professionals. 


A quality program reflects the essential need of young children for safety, security and caring relationships with professionals who understand their unique developmental and individual needs. 


A quality program is play-based, where children learn and develop at their own pace and through their own pathways, guided and supported by knowledgeable and responsive professionals. In an early years program, the significance of many single moments in the course of each day matter a great deal to children.


When the experience of this sequence of many moments is one of belonging, delight, discovery and meaning, the child is a beneficiary of quality early learning and child care. - Dominion Learning Institute of Canada

Dominion Learning Institute

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