Principles and Strategies for Inclusive Early Childhood Programs

Author: Dominion Learning Institute

1 ECE Hour

Module 1 of 3 (Inclusive Family Engagement)

Learning Continuum: Enhanced

This module is designed for Early Years professionals who work directly with children. It discusses the value of and barriers to social inclusion in Early Childhood settings. It challenges ECEs to become observant, knowledgeable, accepting and proactive in making your centre or program safe and inclusive for each child, through interactions and curriculum. The knowledge and empathy developed in early childhood will carry on throughout children’s lifespans, and contribute to the Canada envisioned in the previous module.


Inclusion and Belonging in Canadian Society

Author: Dominion Learning Institute

1 ECE Hour

Module 1 of 3 (Inclusive Family Engagement)

Learning Continuum: Foundation

This module provides an introduction and overview to the “big picture” issues, costs and harm of discrimination and exclusion and also to the solutions possible through understanding, respect, inclusion and celebration of diversity. 


Cultural Competence: A Goal Or A Beginning?

Author: Judith Colbert, PHD

1 ECE Hour

Module 4 of 4 (Diversity Series)

Learning Continuum: Enhanced

In the twenty-first century, societies are becoming increasingly varied. As an educator, it is likely that you encounter children from a wide variety of cultures and are called on to interact effectively with children and parents who communicate best in languages other than English. People who interact well with diverse individuals and groups are often said to have “cultural competence.”  In this module, we will explore ideas associated with cultural competence, safety and humility in relation to education, in an effort to characterize what is needed – and how it feels - to relate effectively with people from varied cultural backgrounds.


Quality Indicators in Programs for Children from Diverse Cultures

Author: Judith Colbert, PHD

1 ECE Hour

Module 2 of 4 (Diversity Series)

Learning Continuum: Enhanced

This module is about “quality.” On its own, that statement has relatively little meaning. Quality is difficult to define and means different things to different people. You will look first at the context in which programming is being offered, and then focus on ten established professional benchmarks of quality in early care and education to determine whether they continue to signal high quality care in settings serving diverse populations. If they don’t, you will have an opportunity to challenge those benchmarks and look at alternate ways of achieving quality.

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“When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright, and not something you have to earn, anything is possible.” - Brene Brown

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