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Back to Nature

1 ECE hour



Find out why exposure to nature is so important to brain development and how easy it is to incorporate nature in the curriculum every day. Your role as the play and learning partner will have you planning your outdoor curriculum to get them (and you) excited about outside play. Daily nature play has a positive impact on children with ADHD, FASD, and those of us who are "spirited". Modeling healthy lifestyles will impact lifelong health and well-being as well.

Common Poisonous Plants

Ingrid Crowther has compiled a handbook of photographs identifying poisonous plants, that will guide your selection of safe plants for your outdoor classroom.

Also available in webinar format 

Reconnecting with Nature 

1 ECE hour


This module includes the work of several authors who explain the need to recommit to having nature in our child care programs, to gain what we have lost emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and culturally. A must for educators concerned about supporting children to be calm, caring and competent.

ECE and Nature - Ideas that Work 

1 ECE hour


Early Childhood Educators and child care providers play an important role in building children's connections to nature, one child at a time. It may be organic gardening, recycling or growing a forest that gets children involved with nature, through which they show themselves to be competent and invested in their environments

Outdoors All Day: A Walk Through A Forest Preschool 

1 ECE hour


Like most preschools, the children at the Carp Ridge Forest Preschool follow a typical day that begins with circle time in the morning, lunch at noon, creative and physical activities throughout the day and a nap in the afternoon. But unlike most preschools, these children do these things outdoors the whole day