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Social Development
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Setting Up for Social Emotional Learning

Author: Jan Blaxall, MASc, RECE, AECEO.C

1 ECE Hour

For the last few decades, research and clinical practice have demonstrated and continue to provide evidence to advocate the importance of social and emotional development.  As the professionals who work with, care for and educate children, we must pay attention and intentionally do our part to ensure that we provide environments and relationships that support this crucial development for all children.


In this webinar, you will hear about several ways that you can create opportunities and possibilities for social-emotional earning as an essential component of curriculum for children from infancy to age 12. We hope that you will be inspired and also provided with the framework for developing your goals and roles in this important aspect of children’s days with you.

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Supporting Individual Development for Successful Group Involvement

Author: Janet Foster, BA, AECEO.C

1 ECE Hour

Learning Continuum: Foundation

Over the past decade there has been a shift in early childhood education curriculum from a group focus to an individual focus in early learning and care programs. Individual learning and development depends on the necessity of  understanding and supporting children emotionally, so we can help them socially. By doing so we will set them in a positive direction to be able to learn academically in group situations, because they will have the foundational skills to make friends and work in groups, which are needed lifelong skills.


Building Social Skills in Early Childhood

Author: Connectability

1 ECE Hour

Learning Continuum: Foundation

Current research highlights the importance of belonging within the peer group as a key aspect of learning in a play based program. But what about children who don’t have the needed skills to be successful in entering and interacting with others? Early years professionals who work with young children need to support all children in the process of developing social awareness, empathy and social skills. social and play skills are complex and many children require coaching and support in learning how to thrive in social group. Communication strategies are included.

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Self And Other: Critical Connections

Author: Jan Blaxall, MASc, RECE, AECEO.C

1 ECE Hour

Learning Continuum: Leadership

This module focuses on the intricate dynamics of the development of a sense of self within the significant relationships surrounding the young child in the early years. It explores the types of environments and experiences needed to support the development of values and skills that make a caring and inclusive community and society.

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Self-Regulation in Social Interactions

Author: Dominion Learning institute

1 ECE Hour

Learning Continuum: Foundation

This module will look at children’s developing abilities to interact successfully and work together within a group. Understanding how a child manages her or his own emotions, behaviour and social stress is crucial to supporting a sense of belonging and positive relationships, and children bring complex needs into this process.

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