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Back to Nature

Webinar 0n-Demand

    Monica Carruthers  RECE, ECRT, AECEO.C
Nature of Kids

W 17 01

1 ECE hour

Enrol in this webinar (pre-recorded and available at a time of your choosing) to find out why exposure to nature is so important to brain development and how easy it is to incorporate nature in the curriculum every day. Daily nature play has a positive impact on children with ADHD, FASD, and those of us who are "spirited".


Your role as the play and learning partner will have you planning your outdoor curriculum to get them (and you) excited about outside play.

Beyond the Blanket - 

the Outdoor Classroom for Infants and Toddlers


Webinar on Demand

    Monica Carruthers  RECE, ECRT, AECEO.C
Nature of Kids

W 17 02

1 ECE hour

Early learning professionals and parents often feel stressed when trying to plan time outdoors for infants and toddlers. In this webinar we will explore

  • why exposure to nature is so important for early brain development,

  • some ideas on how to set up your outdoor classroom for inquiry and investigation of young and curious children, and

  • your role as the play and learning partner. 

Find solutions in this pre-recorded webinar available on-demand at a time of your choosing.

Setting up for Success in Social Emotional Learning

Webinar on Demand
Jan Blaxall, MASc. (Psych) RECE

W  SEL 17 04

1 ECE hour

For the last few decades, research and clinical practice have demonstrated and continue to provide evidence to advocate the importance of social and emotional development.  As the professionals who work with, care for and educate children, we must pay attention and intentionally do our part to ensure that we provide environments and relationships that support this crucial development for all children.

In this webinar, you will hear about several ways that you can create opportunities and possibilities for social-emotional earning as an essential component of curriculum for children from infancy to age 12. We hope that you will be inspired and also provided with the framework for developing your goals and roles in this important aspect of children’s days with you.

         Negotiating with Children

Webinar on Demand

   Dr, Ingrid Crowther

W 17 03

1 ECE hour

The ability to negotiate is a valuable and necessary life skill. Negotiation involves empathy and compromise and children who learn to negotiate acquire and learn the importance of these abilities.  


This webinar (pre-recorded and available at a time of your choosing) provides a framework for negotiating with children from infancy to school age. It explains how children at different ages think differently which influences the strategies that you use to build these skills from the foundation up. The process is an essential aspect of the transition from discipline to guidance and the support of social competence.