Infant / Toddler


Quality in Infant Toddler Care

Author: Dominion Learning Institute

1 ECE Hour

Learning Continuum: Foundation

The Ten Essential Elements of Quality Infant-Toddler Programs are designed to promote high-quality caregiving in all infant-toddler programs, whether the setting is a home, classroom or center. They represent a holistic approach (to caregiving) that is based on cutting-edge research and best practices. The goal is for infant-toddler programs to support positive developmental trajectories for all children, including those children who are particularly vulnerable due to stress, poverty or other adverse early experiences.


Supporting Self-Regulation in Infant and Toddlers

Author: Dominion Learning Institute

1 ECE Hour

Learning Continuum: Foundation

This module explores two of the five areas where young children need to develop self-regulation strategies as identified by Canadian expert, Dr. Stuart Shanker. Explore the skills and challenges for children in aspects of  biological (temperament and physiology) and emotional regulation. 


Starting Early: Red Flags and Treatment Tips for Toddlers on the Autism Spectrum

Author: The Hanen Centre

Length: 2 Hours 

Learning ContinuumEnhanced

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This e-Seminar introduces typical development of social communication in infants and toddlers and describes how to use several milestones to identify a child at risk for ASD. Based on certain primary areas of difficulty (social, interaction, attention, communication, play skills, responsiveness), participants gain practical guidance for developing appropriate social and communication goals for these children.

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